Get on our waiting list!

 Emma Rae's is Full, but you don't want to miss out!  Now is the time to get on our waiting list.  With over 10,000 square feet we have endless possibilities for booths, shelves and wall space. Choose from a pre-made booth in a variety of sizes or get creative and build your own booth. Call us today at 563-659-3723 to get your booth!

How Much Does It Cost?

 With a variety of booth sizes, how much you spend on a booth is up to you. We operate on a month-to-month lease and even have electricity ($5.00) available for your lighted displays.

  • Booths = $2.00 per square foot
  • Wall space or peg board = $1.00 per square foot
  • Shelf space = $1.00 per square foot
  • Enclosed locked shelf space = $40 for 1' x 4' shelf, $80 for 2' x 4' space

Let us check out your stuff!

We are interested in a variety of products including:

Antiques | Collectibles | Primitives | Artisans | Flea Market Flips | Unique Gifts | And More!

While antiques and collectibles are our primary focus, we know there's a lot of other cool vintage items and other unique products out there. Give us a call or stop by so we can discuss if your products are the right fit for Emma Rae's! 

Contact Us

 We'd love for you to contact us about finding a booth that's right for you!

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